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A global B2B tech manufacturer needed a polished web presence to launch its first consumer-facing product.

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One of the security and monitoring industry’s biggest B2B hardware and software manufacturers, DMP, needed help going to market with its first foray into direct-to-consumer product. The company had an alert device that had been developed internally, and they knew the product had legs in the consumer world—but sought help in shaping the rollout to customers and creating a website that would support its launch.

I worked on all facets of the project, collaborating with the client team to deeply understand the product, shaping the consumer brand and strategy, and designing the ecommerce website, all in just a few short months to meet the demands of the company’s necessary timeline.

Contributing Roles
  • User Experience: structural decisions and siteflow
  • Interface Design: look and feel, all screen designs
  • Brand Design: naming ideation, logo, and app icon design
  • Brand Strategy: collaborative product positioning and selling story
  • Agency: Mostly Serious
Noti FYI Collage
Notifyi mobile trio
Noti FYI Mapping
Finding the Strongest Position

In order to create a compelling ecommerce, marketing-forward experience for users—we needed to ensure we were communicating the strongest positioning for the new product. I presented two contrasting options that would both work for launching this new product—An application (or use-case first) paradigm, or one that led with the primary functions of the product. We recommended the latter, as it allowed their marketing team to keep the audience more broad at launch, without requiring the development of unique messaging to speak to different industries or audiences that would complicate the launch.

Noti FYI Siteflow
A Simplified Site to Educate & Convert

The above siteflow reflects the simplified journey for users, emphasizing primarily a direct conversional pathway to product details and purchase. Secondarily, the pathways supported users learning more about how the product works to inform their buying decisions. Additionally, users or previous customers could find more in-depth information and technical support if needed.

Noti FYI Box Design 100
User Experience Even After the Purchase

For our team, the user experience did not end on the website—we also provided design for the product’s packaging that would continue supporting the user after purchase in getting their device up and running. The quick start guide printed on the interior flap of the product box cannot be missed or lost, and further delivers on the project objective of helping to educate the consumer.


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