Strong female character.

Explore my track record of design performance and leadership for award winning agencies and organizations.

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Experience designer and UX lead for Brooklyn-based digital agency creating good work for good causes.

Mostly Serious JKS
2016 - 2021

Mostly Serious

Creative director and user experience design lead at award-winning web agency, specializing in high-end custom websites and digital products.

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2014 - 2016


Design and art direction for national agency representing premiere B2B and consumer brands

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2013 - 2019

Springfield Creatives

Founding board member, group leader, and past president of nonprofit


The Critical Thinker

Good user experience is always rooted in sound thinking and problem solving. My greatest design strengths lie in my affinity for problem solving, and figuring out how to best move the needle for a given challenge. I listen closely, speak up with questions and ideas, and challenge assumptions before asserting a solution.


The Heavy Lifter

Because of my experiences working in small, nimble teams, I've gotten the chance to support projects at full depth, hands dirty, from sales to launch. For all of the work you see in my portfolio, I've been a primary contributor for delivery on multiple phases that can include sales and pitching, strategic planning, scoping and feature plans, research and planning—all in addition to major design deliverables.


The Team Player

I'm experienced working on cross-departmental, cross-functional teams, working shoulder-to-shoulder with engineers, project managers, copywriters, and business development to facilitate seamless project work. While effective at leading teams, I'm equally happy in a supporting producer role, learning from experienced teammates.


The Go-Getter

Real talk: I simply love to go get 'em, knock socks, and rally for more. You can count on me to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and sell ideas with the enthusiasm of someone who gives a darn—because I do.

Expertise that checks the boxes

I'm a quick study; continuously refining my skillset, learning new techniques and tools

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